Seven Habits That Promote Healthier Living At Work

My latest article on Frugivore  I was mortified when I learned that after my first year of working in an office setting I’d gained about fifteen pounds. “How could this be?” I thought to myself. I wasn’t in the dark for too long, though. Once I began to reflect back to our fabulously catered holiday … Continue reading

5 Questions Every Women Should Ask During Her Next Gynecologist Visit

My latest Frugivore article  Doctor visits seem to be among the least favored tasks on people’s to-do lists. The dreadful yearly (or bi-yearly) gynecologist check-up is one appointment in particular that leaves many women slightly squeamish at the mere thought of it. Although most of us are never ecstatic about our annual trips to the … Continue reading

HOORAY!: HIV/AIDS Related Deaths Among Black New Yorkers Drops by 41%

Health Department Announces 41% Drop in HIV/AIDS Related Deaths Among Black New Yorkers  National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, February 7th, reminds New Yorkers to get tested, take steps to prevent HIV Feb. 7, 2012 – The Health Department today announced that new HIV data shows a 41% drop in deaths among black persons living with … Continue reading

The Moment I Realized I Didn’t Like Myself

The moment I realized I didn’t like myself was the most enlightening moment in my life because it was in that moment where my entire life began to make sense. It finally made sense why I was ridiculously shy, why I was abnormally insecure, why I was so emotionally unstable. The moment I realized I … Continue reading