Seven Habits That Promote Healthier Living At Work

My latest article on Frugivore  I was mortified when I learned that after my first year of working in an office setting I’d gained about fifteen pounds. “How could this be?” I thought to myself. I wasn’t in the dark for too long, though. Once I began to reflect back to our fabulously catered holiday … Continue reading

LOL, So I Called Myself Getting Annoyed With God The Other Day… Right.

I’ve been walking around for these past few weeks with my iPhone permanently attached to my hand. I sent a few pitches out to some editors in hopes of expanding my portfolio as well as my resume and as a result I am now playing the wait game. Waiting to see whether or not I’ll … Continue reading

PWP Talks Purpose with Gospel Music Industry Exec Tracy Williamson

Often times in  the entertainment industry the public is only able to see the artist, the music and the image that is before them never truly realizing how much hard work or how many dedicated team members are behind them helping them to be the fabulous entertainer that sashays across award show stages or delivers … Continue reading