How To Raise Your Self-Esteem

My latest article on Madame Noire Self-esteem is defined as “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.” While it seems that loving one’s self is a basic act that should go without saying, it is often an ability that is taken for granted by those who don’t struggle with it. Being confident and having self-esteem does not mean that you are … Continue reading

Seven Habits That Promote Healthier Living At Work

My latest article on Frugivore  I was mortified when I learned that after my first year of working in an office setting I’d gained about fifteen pounds. “How could this be?” I thought to myself. I wasn’t in the dark for too long, though. Once I began to reflect back to our fabulously catered holiday … Continue reading

5 Questions Every Women Should Ask During Her Next Gynecologist Visit

My latest Frugivore article  Doctor visits seem to be among the least favored tasks on people’s to-do lists. The dreadful yearly (or bi-yearly) gynecologist check-up is one appointment in particular that leaves many women slightly squeamish at the mere thought of it. Although most of us are never ecstatic about our annual trips to the … Continue reading

The Importance of Setting and Keeping Personal Boundaries

my latest feature on madame noire.  I was never able to figure out what it was about me that made people feel so comfortable. It took me awhile to successfully put my finger on the reason why people I barely knew felt comfortable enough to ask me to borrow money. It never clicked why people … Continue reading

Under Pressure? God Is In The Business of Making All Things Well

The past two weeks have felt like some of the most stressful two weeks of my life. I found myself in the midst of yet another outrageous allergic reaction that has kept me from attending school, church, and a host of other things that I’ve added into my weekly routines. As a result of this … Continue reading

The Truth About Low Self-Esteem and How We Can Help Our Daughters To Overcome It

When one hears the term “low self-esteem” their minds frequently take them to the extreme images of a woman who walks around with her head held down or the woman with a eating disorder. Our minds rarely go to the well-dressed woman sitting across from us on the subway or the no non-sense businesswoman we … Continue reading

Mental Freedom, How Liberating…

I woke up this morning, this beautiful Saturday morning and the first thing I did was smile. I felt an overwhelming amount of gratitude flowing from my heart. I can’t say that life is perfect, but life is good and God is good. I know that its only up from here. The past couple of … Continue reading

SHUT UP: A Biblical Look At Blabber Mouths

One thing I learned at an early age is how to communicate. I’ve been a Chatty Cathy for as long as I can remember; however, it wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I have sort of a self-control problem when it comes to speaking. I’m not even sure when this all started … Continue reading

Moment of Truth: I Want a Boo

Pretty with Purpose is known for being a pretty candid blog and I am known for being a pretty candid blogger. Well, here’s some truth for you guys. So it’s about 2:00 am and I just got through watching this really cool series on Youtube entitled The Mis-adventures of Awkward Black Girl, which is a … Continue reading


The leaders of Autism Today ( offer up the following advice for people who are dealing with autism for the first time. Get over it fast. Do not stay into a state of denial.  It will only hurt your child. Start addressing the problem and help your child.   1.      Start Local. Find the strongest … Continue reading