Lesson Learned: 10 Things I’ll Never Do Again In The Name of Love

As 2012 came to a close, I had much time to sit and reflect on various trials, triumphs and lessons that I’ve learned up until this point in my adult life. One area in which I am constantly learning is my love life. It’s been a long time coming since love and relationships were equated … Continue reading

‘Django Unchained’ + The High Cost Of Being Thirsty

I finally had the opportunity to see Django Unchained last night and I must say that despite the goriness of the realities of slavery that were depicted in the film, it was quite entertaining. Of course, me being the sap that I am, I was most intrigued by the love of Django for his wife … Continue reading

Easier Said Than Done? How To Stick With Your Decision To Be Celibate

My latest Madame Noire feature When I share with other women that I practice abstinence, it is usually followed by an inquisitive look. Most want to know how long I’ve been refraining from getting busy and how long much longer I plan on continuing with it. How long? Almost three years. Until when do I … Continue reading

The Importance of Setting and Keeping Personal Boundaries

my latest feature on madame noire.  I was never able to figure out what it was about me that made people feel so comfortable. It took me awhile to successfully put my finger on the reason why people I barely knew felt comfortable enough to ask me to borrow money. It never clicked why people … Continue reading

Why A Solid Friendship Is Crucial To The Foundation of Any Relationship

My latest feature on Madame Noire One of my favorite movies in the world is Brown Sugar. Maybe it’s the writer in me that can relate to the story’s main protagonist, Sidney Shaw, maybe its the fact that I’m a hopeless romantic and have an infatuation with the story of hip-hop and how it came to … Continue reading

The Bottom Chick: Is This You?

My latest feature on Madame Noire  This past Monday night I sat with my eyeballs glued to my television screen as I indulged in my latest guilty pleasure, Love and Hip-Hop Atlanta. I felt a twitch, followed by some strange emotion well up within me while I watched the scene between Scrappy and Erica as he came to … Continue reading

Avoid The Regrets: My Rules for Dating in the Age of Social Media Overload

I’m a self-proclaimed, recovering social media lurker extraordinaire. I was what you’d probably call a modern day stalker. Myspace passwords, I’ve cracked them. Facebook pages, I’ve hacked them. I’ve laid low scanning Twitter feeds like a private-eye during a steak out, all in the name of love. During this time I’ve witnessed some pretty crazy things along … Continue reading

Confessions of a Church Girl: Saved, Sanctified, and Having Sex?

My latest feature on Madame Noire “Oh, you go to church? You know what they say about church girls…” is a phrase that I’ve come to despise over the years. Church girls have unfairly been given (and have sometimes earned) some of the worst reputations around town. “Hypocrite” “Holy Hoes” and “Frauds” are only the … Continue reading

After The “Thrill” Is Gone: What Makes A Lasting Relationship…

New love is almost like a drug the way that it takes over our emotions and alters our behavior. There’s the excitement of meeting a new person that still lingers accompanied by the curiosity that drives one to explore and learn all that there is to possibly know about their new love interest. The late-night phone calls, … Continue reading

A Lesson On Overcoming Jealousy Once and For All

I remember my first true encounter with the green-eyed monster known as jealousy. It was summer 2006 and I was one-year strong in my first “mature” relationship. The relationship had been going so well that I was sure I had been living out some Disney fairytale, until this one day, which seemed like any other. … Continue reading