‘Django Unchained’ + The High Cost Of Being Thirsty

I finally had the opportunity to see Django Unchained last night and I must say that despite the goriness of the realities of slavery that were depicted in the film, it was quite entertaining. Of course, me being the sap that I am, I was most intrigued by the love of Django for his wife … Continue reading

How To Raise Your Self-Esteem

My latest article on Madame Noire Self-esteem is defined as “a realistic respect for or favorable impression of oneself; self-respect.” While it seems that loving one’s self is a basic act that should go without saying, it is often an ability that is taken for granted by those who don’t struggle with it. Being confident and having self-esteem does not mean that you are … Continue reading

Easier Said Than Done? How To Stick With Your Decision To Be Celibate

My latest Madame Noire feature When I share with other women that I practice abstinence, it is usually followed by an inquisitive look. Most want to know how long I’ve been refraining from getting busy and how long much longer I plan on continuing with it. How long? Almost three years. Until when do I … Continue reading

Off To College? Tips On How To Conserve Your Cash

One of my recent Madame Noire features My last day of high school will forever be embedded in my memory. One of the most down to earth and relatable teachers that I’d ever met went by the name of Duke Foti. On this particular day, Mr. Foti came from behind his desk and leaned on it, folded … Continue reading

There’s Only Room For One: The Ongoing Tug of War Between Successful Black Women

My latest Madame Noire feature There’s this wicked little rumor that has been floating around for decades. The rumor implies that black women are incapable of supporting one another. I call it a rumor because I highly doubt that we are unable to support each other, I just believe that we have allowed ourselves to be fooled … Continue reading

The Importance of Setting and Keeping Personal Boundaries

my latest feature on madame noire.  I was never able to figure out what it was about me that made people feel so comfortable. It took me awhile to successfully put my finger on the reason why people I barely knew felt comfortable enough to ask me to borrow money. It never clicked why people … Continue reading

Confessions of a Church Girl: Is It A Matter of the Heart or The Hemline?

My latest feature on Madame Noire I was born and raised in the grand ole Church of God in Christ, where they preach “holiness is right.” In my particular place of worship, “Thou shalt not wear red lipstick” should be the 11th commandment. On top of that, women are expected to wear hot pantyhose all … Continue reading

Two Words For Those In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment: Change Clothes.

The only word to effectively describe the way I felt yesterday would be irritation frustration. I was frustrated with being sick and plagued by this über annoying allergy that has been bothering me for the past two weeks.  I was frustrated with running back and forth to the allergist only to still not know what … Continue reading

Monday Morning Muse: Five Types Of People You Don’t Need In Your Life

Have you been contemplating removing certain people from your circle lately? Has God been telling you that there are some people you need to let go of? There are some people in your life who are plain old unnecessary. My mom always calls these people liabilities because they do nothing but slow you down, hold … Continue reading

Confessions of a Church Girl: Saved, Sanctified, and Having Sex?

My latest feature on Madame Noire “Oh, you go to church? You know what they say about church girls…” is a phrase that I’ve come to despise over the years. Church girls have unfairly been given (and have sometimes earned) some of the worst reputations around town. “Hypocrite” “Holy Hoes” and “Frauds” are only the … Continue reading