Seven Habits That Promote Healthier Living At Work

My latest article on Frugivore  I was mortified when I learned that after my first year of working in an office setting I’d gained about fifteen pounds. “How could this be?” I thought to myself. I wasn’t in the dark for too long, though. Once I began to reflect back to our fabulously catered holiday … Continue reading

Off To College? Tips On How To Conserve Your Cash

One of my recent Madame Noire features My last day of high school will forever be embedded in my memory. One of the most down to earth and relatable teachers that I’d ever met went by the name of Duke Foti. On this particular day, Mr. Foti came from behind his desk and leaned on it, folded … Continue reading

There’s Only Room For One: The Ongoing Tug of War Between Successful Black Women

My latest Madame Noire feature There’s this wicked little rumor that has been floating around for decades. The rumor implies that black women are incapable of supporting one another. I call it a rumor because I highly doubt that we are unable to support each other, I just believe that we have allowed ourselves to be fooled … Continue reading

New Website Offers Aspiring Models Unique Career Opportunities

Model Launcher LLC., announced today the official beta launch of their innovative new website The site is anoriginal concept where aspiring male and female models can submit their photos each month according to their age range to participate in themed contests such as T shirt and Shorts, Little black dress, swimsuit & more. Once … Continue reading

Under Pressure? God Is In The Business of Making All Things Well

The past two weeks have felt like some of the most stressful two weeks of my life. I found myself in the midst of yet another outrageous allergic reaction that has kept me from attending school, church, and a host of other things that I’ve added into my weekly routines. As a result of this … Continue reading

LOL, So I Called Myself Getting Annoyed With God The Other Day… Right.

I’ve been walking around for these past few weeks with my iPhone permanently attached to my hand. I sent a few pitches out to some editors in hopes of expanding my portfolio as well as my resume and as a result I am now playing the wait game. Waiting to see whether or not I’ll … Continue reading

A Breath of Fresh Air: PWP Chats with NBA Wife and Author Audrey Griffin

By: Jazmine Denise There’s this ugly myth which leads ambitious women everywhere into believing that it is impossible to be well educated and have a successful career, a great marriage and a family that is taken care of. Due to this misconception many women find themselves making a choice between career or family, failing to … Continue reading

Fomer Victoria’s Secret Model Kylie Bisutti On Why She Quit Modeling Lingerie

Kylie Bisutti is a former Victoria’s Secret model who made the decision to stop modeling lingerie and seek jobs that were more modest and pleasing to God as well as her husband. Kylie always dreamed of being a VS Angel but when her dreams conflicted with her relationship with Christ, she chose Christ. At what … Continue reading

Signs that You’re Working in a Racially Charged Environment (Trust, I Know)

Black people are often accused of being super sensitive and over the top when it comes to race relations and we just may be a little sensitive but who wouldn’t be? Our ancestors were oppressed for over 200 years by the people that posses the most power in this country and then once we were … Continue reading