Two Words For Those In Need Of An Attitude Adjustment: Change Clothes.

The only word to effectively describe the way I felt yesterday would be irritation frustration. I was frustrated with being sick and plagued by this über annoying allergy that has been bothering me for the past two weeks.  I was frustrated with running back and forth to the allergist only to still not know what has been causing my eye to swell to the point where it can barely open or my ear to blow up as if the effects of Professor Sherman Clump’s potion was finally wearing off. I was frustrated with not being able to attend school because of being sick. I was frustrated with being behind in my work because I was unable to attend school. I was a tad frustrated with not really knowing what the future held. I was frustrated with having to deal with overbearing church people who constantly overstepped their boundaries. I was tired of feeling the heat coming from the microscope  which church people use to analyze their brothers and sisters in search of some clue that will indicate that a person is “less saved” or have somehow fallen off in their Christian walk. I was over feeling smothered by the thick, brown, soupy  mass  known as churchiness, comprised of little Bible and much manmade doctrine, cliches, and codes of conduct. I was tired of going to church and leaving out feeling heavier than I did when I entered. I was tired of expressing my frustration to automated church robots who quickly retort “Well daughter, have you been fasting and praying lately?” as if the only possible explanation for a Christian to experience the human emotion of frustration was if their prayer life was lacking. Christians are exempt from human emotions I suppose. I was so over everything.

At the peak of my thwarting I realized that I needed to get away. I needed to be in a different environment for awhile, the walls of my house seemed to be closing in on me. I picked myself up, got dressed and hopped in my car, not even caring that my face was swollen and that people might stare at me. I drove and drove knowing I would wind up at the only place that has always given me serenity regardless the situation; convinced that God would meet me there.

I grabbed a pen, a pad, and my kindle and took a seat on one of the benches along the boardwalk. I flipped through my Bible app and wound up at Mark 4:18-19 The seed cast in the weeds represents the ones who hear the kingdom news but are overwhelmed with worries about all the things they have to do and all the things they want to get. The stress strangles what they heard, and nothing comes of it. I stared out at the oceans waves and realized that I was certainly like the person who Mark was describing in this passage. Sunday after Sunday I’d hear the good news, an amazing word, sound teaching, only to have the stress of church duties strangle what I’ve received so that it withers away and dies right then and there. Amazed but not surprised, I realized that God definitely met me at that boardwalk just as I’d expected him to, swollen face and all.

I continued to navigate through my Bible app and after checking out a few other scriptures that gave me much revelation, I wound up Romans 13:11-14. The thing that really peaked my curiosity in this passage was in the last line when Paul wrote dress yourselves in Christ, and be up and about. I hurried to my car and grabbed my cell phone and began to scurry the Internet. I had to know what the Bible scholars were saying about that particular line. For some reason the idea of “dressing yourself in Christ” or “clothing yourself with Christ” was unfamiliar to me. I knew what I thought it meant, but I had to be sure. I stumbled upon this blog that provided commentary by Pastor Frank Bailey:

Many times in our daily routine my wife, Parris will say, “Just put on the Lord”. This will often times come about after I make a rude comment after being cut off by an inconsiderate driver on our wonderful streets in New Orleans. “Just put on the Lord,” easy to say, but quite challenging to do in our every day practice.

All of us face challenging opportunities every day which present an opportunity for us to put on the Lord Jesus Christ. We can make excuses, try to overcome by our own will power, put into practice the latest “Christian” cliché or technique or we can put on the Lord Jesus Christ

Instantly something clicked. I realized I was definitely in need of an attitude adjustment because there will always be something around that has the potential to push my buttons. Churchy people may always be churchy and hard to deal with at times. I’ll never really know what the future holds. Sickness may come and go. But, I can combat all of this by dressing myself in Christ and adjusting the way in which I react to these situations.

So, if you’ve been like me lately, feeling like you need an attitude adjustment, you can start by changing clothes. Dress yourself in Christ.


Need a little more inspiration? Peep this teaching on the fruit of spirit (Thanks Kadeem!) 

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