Gospel Recording Artist Damita Haddon Talks Love, Life, Movies and Music

By: Jazmine Denise

When Gospel music steps beyond the little box that people have tried to place it in for so many years something leaps within me. Gospel artists that don’t water down the true message of Jesus Christ while still remaining true to their artistry as musicians, creating amazing music that glorifies God is ridiculously rare. If I could sit and create a list of artists such as these Damita Haddon would be at the peak of my list. She never fails to put out the kind of music that you can’t help but play over and over because not only does it feed your spirit but it is just amazing music. This also happens to be the case with her latest single “I Love You“, which I can’t seem to take off of repeat. I was given the opportunity to speak with Damita for a little bit and while I can probably go on and on about how wonderful she is, I will just give you guys the opportunity to see for yourselves.

I absolutely love your new single “I Love You” and I believe that it is a song that truly came from the heart. What inspired you to write this song?

Well, the song was inspired by my mom passing about nine months ago and so it was a tribute in honor of my mom. It was just telling God how much I love him through the whole process. We may not understand why things happen in life. People can handle loving God when everything is going right but, I felt in the middle of my grieving and sorrow that I still had an obligation to tell God how much I love him in spite of everything that is happening in my life.

Wow. Is there any advice that you can offer a person who may be coping with tragedy right now?

The advice that I would give them is that it is okay to grieve and it is okay to go through the process. Its okay to fall apart because a lot of times in church they tell you “be strong” “hold your head up”. No, no, no, no, no I think I would tell someone go ahead and go through that process. Cry you know,  fall apart and get that out of your system. It is not healthy to try to hold things in. It certainly doesn’t help you or anybody else to put up a front like you’re okay. I believe healing takes place once the person begins to grieve. Its a loss. Its a life that was lost. Something that can’t be replaced.

I read that you wrote and co-produced much of your upcoming album. What pushed you to take the wheel on this project?

Well, I think it was overdue. I love writing and I love producing. Its something that I haven’t done. To really take one hundred percent ownership of my music.  I feel like this is my time to really step up to the plate and position myself as a producer, as a singer, as a writer so that others can enjoy it. Hopefully I will be able to work with other artists to produce and write for them.

So, besides the fact that you wrote and co-produced some of your songs what is different about this new album?

Its a different sound. Its much more edgier and much more contemporary than any other songs that I’ve ever done. Of course I put the signature songs on there that will be formatted for Gospel radio but for the most part I’m trying to go fishing in the ocean now instead of in the pond. It is very much more upbeat, a much more urban record that what you are used to hearing me do.

When can we expect your new album to be released?

I’m aiming for a summer release of this record.

I hear that you are also leaping into the world of acting and starring in a new film! Can you elaborate on the project as well as your role in the film?

Well, the film is based off of my story but it is written by a young lady named Tess Seiger. I’m starring in it, in my own film. Its going to be fabulous. I’m going to say that it is going to cater mainly to the women. Its a reconciliation flick. It just really helps people to deal with situations like when kids have problems with their parents and so forth. Its a great film. Its gonna be really, really hot.

It sounds great I’m excited! You and your husband appear to have such a healthy and loving relationship. Is there any advice that you can offer those who are married, engaged or hope to be married someday?

Continue to communicate. Always communicate. When the lack of communication breaks down that is when everything else falls apart. It is very important to maintain communication.

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How did you know he was “the one” ?

I don’t know. It was just something in me that felt it. Something that just felt like he was “the one”. Of course I didn’t say anything but he felt the same and eventually he came out and said he felt the same way and then I opened my mouth and said something. I didn’t say anything ahead of time like “God said you gonna be ….” Mmm mmm no like “God told me to tell you .. ” Nope you better wait until he tells you first before you get your feelings hurt. I felt from the very first time that I recognized him that he was the one. 

Sometimes the Christan walk can be such a struggle especially with so many distractions around us. How do you stay focused?

Wow, man being focused is hard. Its hard in this Christian race in this day and time now to be focused. Its almost like a job or a task to remain focus. Its a lonely walk and I don’t me like lonely by yourself but its a lonely walk to actually stay focused and stay out of trouble. You almost close yourself inside of the house sometimes until you can get mentally ready to go out here in these streets and do what you have to do. Everything now in the media and all around us is just sex, sex, sex. It really takes a lot of prayer and meditation and concentration on the Word of God. That is the only thing that will help and strengthen us to be able to overcome the temptations and the obstacles that are out here because its heavy. Peer pressure is out there, the media is throwing things. We’re seeing everything and hearing everything. So we gotta counteract it by really just getting into the Bible and searching out scriptures and feeding on it and just make sure everything stays the way that it is supposed to stay.

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  1. Jenise La Vonne says:

    Great interview!!! Damita is so underrated but truly an amazing singer and songwriter. Her last album was so great! Can’t wait to hear the new one!! XOxo

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