Fomer Victoria’s Secret Model Kylie Bisutti On Why She Quit Modeling Lingerie

Kylie Bisutti is a former Victoria’s Secret model who made the decision to stop modeling lingerie and seek jobs that were more modest and pleasing to God as well as her husband. Kylie always dreamed of being a VS Angel but when her dreams conflicted with her relationship with Christ, she chose Christ.

At what moment did you realize that it was time to let go of your career with Victoria’s Secret?

It was more of a general decision to stop modeling lingerie altogether. And it really was just the Lord working in my life and showing me that I wasn’t honoring Him or my husband. He basically just opened my eyes to what really mattered in life and that was my relationship with Him and that is bigger than any career out there. So, I just stopped modeling lingerie altogether.

Have you received any backlash for your decision?

Yeah, I definitely have but there are always going to be negative opinions no matter what decision anybody makes out there. Everybody has their opinions, positive or negative so I kind of expected it.

Do you have any regrets?

No, I have zero regrets about any of it. I am actually very thankful for everything that I’ve done and everything that I’ve accomplished in my career. I’m very grateful that it all happened because now I have the platform to talk with young girls and be a better example for them.

So, that is the perfect segway into my next question which is what advice can you offer young women who may be in the same position that you were in where their dreams may conflict with the values or the plans that God has for their lives?

Well, my pastor said when I was going through all of this “What will you do when the word of God conflicts with your desires?” and that is exactly what happened to me. What the Bible was talking about was exactly opposite of what I was doing. So, I would tell girls that are in my position is that if what the word of God is saying is conflicting with what you’re pursuing and what you’re after then just go ahead and not do it because you’ll be so much happier. I am so much happier now that made this decision and am honoring God with my life. I’ve just gotten so much more fulfillment in it. It might be scary at first but definitely pays off in the end.

Are there any misconceptions that you might want to clear up?

No, I don’t think there are any that I really need to clear up. I know people are always going to have their negative opinions and I just try to focus on the positive perceptions out there.

Is there anything that you are currently working on or what can the world expect to see from you in the near future?

Yes, I’m continuing to model but I am just choosing jobs that are more modest. Right now I am booked for multiple speaking engagements and youth conferences throughout the next year. I am definitely going to start my own clothing line. I don’t know how soon that is going to be but, it is something that I really want to do as well as write a book.

That’s great I’m looking forward to both your clothing line as well as your book. If a person were to read your life story from the day that you were born up to this very moment what would you want them to walk away with?

I would just want them to see that all sins can be forgiven and we are always growing and changing as human beings. Also that the ultimate fulfillment that I’ve found in my life is my relationship with Christ and that is ultimately what is going to make someone the most happy, not a career or fame or looks. It’s a relationship with Christ and helping other people and loving on others.


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