Jessica Reedy: ‘Life with no purpose is no life at all’

Jessica Reedy emerged on the scene during season 2 of BET’s “Sunday’s Best”, wowing us with her unbelievable vocal range and stealing our hearts with her sweet personality. Though she’s faced some adversity in life Jessica has emerged from rubble of life’s tribulations like a beaming light and with a story to tell.

If someone were to ask you who is Jessica Reedy what would your response be?

Ummm. I would have to say, not being all “deep” but, I would have to say God’s child and Justin’s mom. Those are two titles that mean the most to me.

Although you’ve made many major accomplishments, do you ever deal with self doubt?

All the time.

How do you combat that self doubt?

I have to read scriptures. I have to remind myself. One reason that God wants us to study to show ourselves approved is because when things happen the insecurities rise up you have to remind yourself who’s you are and what you are. God absolutely loves me so much that he let his son get murdered to show that. So, I have to just remember and its not even a self encouraging type of thing. Its just the fact that I have to remember my truth. The truth is that I have no reason to doubt because God has already taken care of everything. My destiny is already fixed. My next year is already fixed. And my today, scripture says ‘Don’t worry about what you will eat. For if I feed the birds won’t I feed you? ‘ So, its just remembering. I have to remember and keep that embedded in my heart so I never forget it. 

What in your opinion is purpose?

Ah, what is purpose? Purpose is the reason. What’s the reason? My purpose defines life. Life with no purpose is no life at all. Its the whole reason for everything. Its the whole explanation for the action. Purpose is “it”. For me purpose is will. What is the will? And then, the next question is ‘Whose will are you following?’ Personally it would be ‘What’s God’s will?’ God’s will is purpose. God’s will is for this to happen or that to happen. That is my purpose. The reason why I must do this is purpose, living life in God’s will on purpose and doing what I need to do to meet that.

What do you believe your purpose is or have you even discovered that yet?

I’m discovering it in season. So this season my purpose is love. God wants me to show an unbelievable amount of love to people who have been hurt, love for myself, love for him and to show expressions through song of how much He loves them. People need to be reminded that they are loved. If people knew that they were loved a lot of things wouldn’t happen. If they knew they were loved by the most important love itself, a whole lot of stuff would not happen. So, God has me on a mission to remind them. He says ‘Tell my children that I love them and that I see them. That they’re not forgotten.” So that’s kind of what I’m on right now. Just trying to tell everybody that ‘God loves you’ and ‘Don’t you know you don’t have to do that?’ It’s okay God sees you and he’s paying attention. You’re not ignored. So, just to remind everybody.

Where you do find inspiration?

I hate sounding so deep (laughs) but, it’s just inside (laughs). I sound like Mr. Miyagi but, I find most of my inspiration within myself. Most of what I’ve learned and but taught has been taught by people who are flawed and so they can only teach me their filtration of what they’ve learned. They’ve filtered the truth and then taught me. So, in most cases I’ve only gotten  a bit of truth and the rest has just been what is. Just do this. This is what you’re supposed to do because this is how it has been done and so I had to unlearn. Because God dwells inside of me, deep within my heart and I just have to tune my ear to hear. So I am inspired by that. Every time God gives me a revelation or wisdom and I’m like ‘Oh my gosh how did I know that? That was amazing’ (laughs). He inspires me and I’m like ‘Wow, that was amazing how did I just tell this old lady to do this and I had no idea you was gonna do that.’ And you know that kind of stuff is amazing to me. God gives me and allows me to do and I am just like ‘I wanna do it again. How do I do this again?’ I get inspired by that I really do.

Ooh I sound deep. I’m so sorry (laughs)

You sound super deep but its okay we like deep!

What advice can you offer young women who may be dealing with adversity or have possibly fallen on hard times that just can’t seem to see the light at the end of the tunnel?

The first thing I would tell them to do is slow down. When things are going real bad it kind of feels like everything is spinning. You start looking at things like ‘One thing after the next thing after the next thing. I can’t get a break.’ Slow down. And, its not necessarily a physical thing its an emotional thing. Just stop and look at everything from a 360 view. So, something bad happens. Dissect it. Say ‘You know what? Let me look at the positive part of this. Maybe this happened because God prevented me from something.’ Its all about the perception. If I go to the mall and everybody is looking at me and I have a chip on my shoulder I’m going to think that everybody is mugging me like ‘What’s everybody looking at?’ or ‘Why is everybody looking at me?’ and ain’t nobody looking at me like that they just like ‘Oh, there’s a person right there let me not bump into them.’ But, because of my perception based off of my insecurity my intake from my experience, everything is just negative. You have to get a new filter and filter everything through positive. Everything. And if you are a Child of the King all things are working together for your good. That means you will not lose. It doesn’t matter what happens you’re not gonna lose. You’re gonna be the winner in it. Now, for those who aren’t Children of the King you might have a different way of looking at things (laughs). But, we’re kingdom kids and as much as we try to stray away from the spiritual aspect of our being we are spiritual beings and everything has to be considered spiritual first. That’s what it is. That’s just our truth. And its deep. It sound real deep but its the truth. I mean it really does sound deep. It gives you a good yawn but. its just the truth. You have to consider God in all things. The Bible instructs us to pray without ceasing. Praying all the time. Why? Because, it is a two end conversation. God talks back. We do all of this talking but we never listen. He wants us to pray because he wants to tell us ‘Listen, while you’re praying I’m going to tell you that you’re about to walk outside but I need you to turn left because there’s a car coming on your right and if you do not spend time with me you will not know that I am trying to save your life.’ So, we need to be in constant prayer so we can know what to do. He’s the Father, He’s the Potter and He’s molded His clay to make you and I. So now, he has the manual of instructions telling us where to walk, what to do, how to fix this, how to fix that. The same way that a car has an instruction manual, God is our manual and he actually talks back. You just gotta pray. You have to seek the Lord.

I know that sounds real deep.

Its truth.

You know what it is? People are like ‘Just tell me how to fix it though’


Not knowing that is actually how you fix it. God fixes everything. He will send somebody who you have never met to completely change your life. There was this girl walking to my son’s school with her daughter out in Michigan. Its about 20 degrees and it was complete snow on the ground. She had no coat on. She had her coat wrapped around her daughter so I said ‘Hey get in there car let me drop you off.’ I dropped the girl’s daughter off and when she got back in the car and I took her to where she lived and asked ‘Why are yall walking?’ and she told me her car had just broke down and I don’t have the money to buy a new battery. So I told her ‘Let’s go buy a battery’. I bought her a battery and she said ‘Please, can I call you?’ and I told her ‘Don’t even trip. You just get your battery. You take your daughter to school. God bless you.’ I’ve never seen this girl a day in my life. She told me she had been praying. You never know who God will send. That’s why he said pray I hear you. I will send somebody. Why try to fix everything on your own? I wanna fix yall problems. That’s my job. I’m the dad. Let me fix it. So, that’s what I would tell people. Go to your dad. Your dad has answers and He will fix it.

What can we expect to see from Jessica Reedy in the near future?

Well, I just shot a video today for my next single called “Something Out of Nothing”. I will be on the One Love Gospel Cruise. I am excited about that. I have been invited to do some tours so listen out for those. I would like to go out of the country to do some missionary work.

How can people find you and know the latest happenings of Jessica Reedy?

Well, I do have a twitter – @jessicareedy. I have a Facebook but if you wanna personally talk to me you should come on Twitter. I have a website We do Bible Study Tuesdays and Wednesdays and I have a Youtube channel as well.


One Response to “Jessica Reedy: ‘Life with no purpose is no life at all’”
  1. Rolunda Pailin says:

    Hello Mrs.Jessica, your truly amazing women of God I’ve been following you since Sundays best I kept praying your strength in the lord you’re truly wonderful you’re such an inspiration to my life. Keep your head up and stay close to our Almighty father above he definitely is awesome pray for me sweetie much love and support,God continue to bless you take care.Rolunda Pailin.

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