Why ‘Cuffing Season’ Can Potentially Damage Your Future Marriage

I’ve been hearing the foolish term ‘cuffing season’ since high-school and have even fell victim to the hype several times. Now that I look back I’m amazed at how I never realized how detrimental the ideology of ‘cuffing season’ actually is.

First of all let’s examine what ‘cuffing season’ actually is to bring those who may not know up to speed.

Cuffing Season;

During the Fall and Winter months people who would normally rather be single or promiscuous find themselves along with the rest of the world desiring to be “Cuffed” or tied down by a serious relationship. The cold weather and prolonged indoor activity causes singles to become lonely and desperate to be cuffed.

— Urban Dictionary

So basically in a nutshell that is what cuffing season means. A few details may vary from person to person but the overall point is that there are certain seasons in which everyone is on the hunt for a boo to fulfill some area of loneliness in their lives. I always sort of felt like cuffing season was stupid but I didn’t realize it was harmful until one day I was sitting in abstinence class and the teacher began to discuss how young people often hook up with one another during certain seasons where they may be sort of bored and not have a lot going on just so that they have something to do. It is during this time where they spend countless hours on the phone and texting one another not even realizing that through these exchanges soul ties are being formed. I remember laughing inside because she was basically describing ‘cuffing season’ while not even realizing it but listening attentively because what she was saying held so much truth. She then went on to say that as a result of these exchanges we turn around one day and realize that we are extremely emotionally attached and poof! A soul tie is formed and this is merely from phone conversations without physical interactions even occurring.

This made a lot of sense to me as I combed my memory reflecting on the different guys that I have come in contact with over the years, spending hours on top of hours texting for no reason at all except wanting to be entertained. I then began reflecting on how these relationships end. They usually end with someone getting their heartbroken or feelings hurt whether it being the guy or the girl, most likely the girl.

I believe that each relationship that you leave, whether is an ‘official’ relationship or not, you leave with some sort of scar or some form of baggage and not to mention the soul ties that are formed. So let’s just say for every ‘cuffing season’ from age fifteen to age twenty-four you form one relationship. That is nine unnecessary scars you have on your heart, nine unnecessary negative experiences, nine unnecessary forms of baggage that you will bring into your marriage because you are fretful due to past experiences, which may keep you from fully being able to trust your husband. Several countless insecurities that you didn’t have before.Nine soul ties that must be broken before you and your husband can even move forth into a healthy relationship. Think about the word ‘cuffing season’. For a season you are literally cuffed or (soul) tied to a person. By participating in this foolish cycle known as ‘cuffing season’ you are sabotaging a union that has yet come to be. It seems harmless but isn’t that the point? Satan would love you have you participating in what seems to be harmless while watching your self destruct.

If you have been following the foolish cycle of ‘cuffing season’ you have the option to stop. First, pray that God will fill whatever void you are seeking to fulfill through these random relationships. Second, take a self evaluation and think about the experiences that you have been through and the negativity that you still carry around as a result of them and be honest. Finally, allow God to begin mending the scars and breaking the soul ties that may have come as a result of the relationships you’ve formed. Most of all, when you get free, stay free. The temptation will come to submit to ‘cuffing season’ but resist. Seriously, the consequences of ‘cuffing’ are much greater than seasonal entertainment.


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