Style: Why Michelle Obama is the new Jackie-O

Photo Credit: MTV Style

There has been a lot of buzzing in the fashion world surrounding First Lady, Michelle Obama since her husband’s 2008 election. Yes, she has the full package, beauty and brains but what really has everyone’s attention is the Harvard Graduate’s fabulous sense of fashion. Many have been unofficially naming her the “new” Jackie Kennedy, and while some completely agree there are others that are outraged, racists and people that are still upset that Obama is even in office to be exact; however, that is a story for another day. While feelings are mixed on the subject, there is one thing this is for sure, Michelle Obama is not only the most memorable First Lady thus far but she is also the flyest- hands down. Michelle’s look is versatile and you never know what to expect to see her in next but what you can always expect is class, grace, and elegance.

A common misconception is that many take the statement “Michelle Obama is the new Jackie-O” literally. That statement in no way means that Michelle Obama is trying or even wants to be Jackie Kennedy; it merely means that she is another First Lady with fantastic fashion sense. I mean let’s be real when was the last time you saw a president’s wife with swag since Jackie-O? There has not been one, Sorry Hillary and Laura don’t even think about it, no offense.

Michelle Obama’s clothing selections are always vibrant and youthful, which is not something that can be said about many First Ladies. She is also a woman that is not afraid to accessorize or add color to her wardrobe. She can always be spotted in the latest fashion garbs from Ralph Lauren to Tom Ford and who can forget her memorable soft white inauguration ball gown designed by Jason Wu. Michelle Obama is undeniably a fashion icon and that is why she is the new Jackie-O.


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